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A Tuscan State of Mind

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copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

Having  a Tuscan Picnic, whether I am in Tuscany or anywhere, is one of my favorite things to do whether I am eating alone or with a group of friends or a few riends  at home in Italy or somewhere else in the world.

Even though I can’t be in Tuscany all the time..I can still be in a Tuscan ‘state of mind’ by bringing out the earthy colored dishes..having my Tuscan panzanella salad or bean soups (even on a warm summer evening they are great).

It’s a great pick me up ..those earthy foods bring me back to Tuscany all the time and it is a relaxing place (even if just in mind only)to be..

So we can all travel to Tuscany if just by food today..but follow me on twitter at is Traveling Thursdays and you can travel Italy from your computer.

Here is a Tuscan dish to travel by


a simple Fettunta..the Tuscan version for bruschetta


4 slices crusty Italian bread

2 cloves garlic

2 tbslsps extra virgin olive oil

2 tsps Tuscan Picnic Spice Blend from The Basic Art of Italian Cooking tm


Grill or place slices of bread under broiler. Rub with garlic clove, Drizzle olive oil on top, sprinkle on Spices.

 July 16th-see you at my Tuscan picnic at Whole Foods, Annapolis Md at 7 PM

July 18th see you at  Fairfax, Va Whole Foods for my Tuscan Picnic and wine pairing

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene


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