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A New Type of Calendar

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What’s the best way to keep your customers informed of upcoming events and specials..I found the perfect product’s really unique it is a dry erase calendar.

You can custom design the calendar with your own photos.

This Dry Erase Calendar is perfect for the busy restaurateur. It can be updated quickly no need  to go to the printer or wait for an event calendar to be printed up. Just add in events on your own whenever you need to update the calendar.

Many of  my clients that I consult with that have restaurants have told me that this product alone has helped them to increase sales and get more traffic in just because they had a quicker way to list events and promotions and keep people informed of events.

And this is not just for restaurants, any business can benefit by using this   Dry Erase Calendar  to keep their customers informed.

The Calendar can be placed in a visible part of the resturant or place of business so that people can’t help but notice this Dry Erase Calendar that has been custom designed

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Designed by Brian Hanshaw

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