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Waiting for Rome…Cornetto..cappuccino…

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cappuccino and cornetto

copyright  2009, Maria Liberati

Counting down the hours here at the airport till my first authentic cappuccino and cornetto..13 hours and counting..after all is has been  about 8 weeks since my did I go so long without them…Since food is my only drug of choice…and an authentic cappuccino and artisan cornetto are not difficult to become addicted to…my thoughts these last few days have been filled with anticipation of the ones that are to come while working at my office in Abruzzo and Rome….

First night  in Rome will be a wine reception to celebrate the release of my second book…

The Basic Art of Holidays & Special Occasions (even though official release date is Spet 15th you can purchase it now online at 


Filled with Holiday recipes (140+), memories, menus and wine pairing tips for  Holidays spent in Italy. Although the book is written in English, the Italians tend to express appreciation for someone that touts the Italian culture-wine and food.

As I go home to Abruzzo leaving my other home in  the US for a bit is always a bittersweet departure..but I am fortunate to have friends and family in both locations…. that makes it so bittersweet  to leave either place… always missing special people and places in one place  while loving the place I am in at the  same time….

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more recipes..stories..and memories, also a podcast from some special locations..

In the is recipe to begin with.. since I will be visiting a villa in Sorrento for a meeting is a refreshing, different version of a tiramisu that uses limoncello instead of coffee….it is really ‘lemony’ ..if you have access to   lemons from  Sorrento use them , if not be sure the lemons you use for this are really fresh, and fragrant…

Also, you can find limoncello at most stores that carry liquor now..but if it is called something similar to limoncello- like limonello and other similar names it was not made with the real trademarked lemons of Sorrento..


Tiramisu di Limoncellolimoncello tiramisu

* 1 package of ladyfingers or savoiardi (16 ounces)

*8 ounces  mascarpone cheese

*1/2 cup confectioners” sugar 

*peel of 1 organic lemon grated finely (use only the yellow not the white to keep out bitterness)

*1/4 cup limoncello

*8 ounces chocolate covered confetti candies- crushed

Place limoncello in a soup type dish (for dunking ladyfingers/savoiardi in).  In sperate bowl blend together mascarpone, sugar and lemon peeel, set aside.

Dust long flat plate wtih confecxtioner’s sugar. Dip savoiardi one by one in limoncello mixture very quickly sjust to moisten, One by one, afer dipping in limoncello, place side by side on flat plate. When you have created one layer of savoiardi smooth a layer of mascarpone cheese. Create another layer of savoiardi dipped in limoncello and top with remaining mascarpone cheese. Sprinkle crushed chocolate covered confetti candies on top. Place in refrigerator for 2 hours ,serve cold.

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,





  1. Lauren

    Is there a recipe for cornetto in any of your publications? I lived in Rome for a couple semesters in college and have missed those delicious pastries ever since. All of our American croissants are so heavy and buttery. Strangely enough, it seems that even experienced Italian cafe and restaurant owners around here don’t have a recipe. If you don’t have one, do you know where I can find one? You’re right that it’s easy to become addicted to them 🙂

    October 11, 2009
  2. Maria  Liberati
    Maria Liberati

    Lauren: thanks so much for your comment, great to hear from someone who has a weakness for cornetti. Most people know what a croissant is but don’t know what a cornetto is. Anyway I will have my assistant take a look in the two books that have been published and the next two coming up, Cornetto are not easy to make- like a muffin or a cake, they are a pastry. But I will let you know.
    And by the way I have never found an authentic, fresh baked, cornetto in the US. Has anyone ever found a fresh baked cornetto in the US??..please let us know.I will sign this-
    Desperate for Cornetti in the US..


    October 11, 2009

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