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Watermelon..Il Sole Mio & Hot August Nights

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copyright 2009, Maria Liberati 

Last  night ended with the best refresher of all..a slice of locally produced watermelon…

Not a fan of air conditioning and at home there is not one in sight..the month of August you will always find a watermelon in our refrigerator..our natural way of cooling down from a hot August day or night or both.


August is always hot and temperatures ranging from hot to sweltering..with a beautiful sun. ..almost everyday. But the sun is so vibrant and alive in August and is rumored to make people do some crazy things..from political decisions to the month of August when someone does something unusual or unexplicable the heat of the sun is always to blame.  In the month of August an important politician has decided that alll dialects (in Italy ) should be taught in the schools along with the regular language classes..blame it on the sun…

Really fresh, chilled watermelon is great by itself..but if you want to try another way to use watermelon before the  fresh ones disappear is one of my favorite refreshing appetizers combining Japanese and Italian (wasabi and alici or snchovies) healthy for you also..

Watermelon Sushi  & Fizz Cocktail

*1 lb fresh strawberries

*rind of one lemon for decoration

*8 ounces plain seltzer water (gazzosa)

*2 lbs fresh watermelon

*8 anchovies marinated in extra virgin olive oil

*wasabi sauce


Wash watermelon and cut ‘meat’  into 8 square slices, remove rind on each piece. Place some wasabi on each slice and on top of wasabi, place 2 marinated anchovies.Cut leeks into small rings and decorate top of anchovies with leek rings. Wash strawberries. Set aside 4 whole strawberries. Hull the remaining strawberries and place in a food processor with a cup of chopped ice.  Blend till thick liquid. Divideinto 8 glasses and add seltzer to each glass.Top each with a strawberry on a toothpick. Add in some ice if desired and some lemon rind for decoration. Serve with your watermelon sushi…Italian style..

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