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Fresh Peppers & Grape Tomatoes & Vibrant Colors

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peppers in rainbow of colors

copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

The peppers are so vibrant in colors..I guess they don’t want to be overshadowed by the vivid  beauty of the Italian summer sun. A visit to a local farm owned by an acquaintance and before I know it I am leaving with a rooster and chicken chasing me and a box full of colorful fresh,  peppers..

No problem..they were the perfect ingredient for today’s lunch in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking kitchen..since the days have been so hot it seems that chilled white wines go best when eating meals al fresco.So today’s wine was a Solopaca from Sicily..

Cup of Tomatoes

*4 large peppers (any color will do)

*2 lbs of grape tomatoes

*a few leaves of fresh basil, a branch of thyme, tsp of  marjoram

*2 garlic cloves

*2 tblsps extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil

*2 tsps white wine vinegar

*salt and pepper to taste

Wash and dry the grape tomatoes, place in a bowl with chopped and washed basil, marjoram and thyme, olive oil and salt and pepper. Toss gently.

Wash and clean out inside of peppers. Fill inside of peppers with grape tomato mixture. Drizzle some olive oil in glass casserole and arrange peppers in casserole. Drizzle some olive oil, salt and pepper on top. Place tops of peppers in glass casseroles and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with a drizzle of vinegar and olive oil.

Only about 250 calories per portion.

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene


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