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September on the Beach & Pasta al Forno

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pasta al fornobeaches





copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

As we approach September everything here becomes known as ‘settembrini’ ( loosely translated to mean ‘septemberish’): The figs that are ripening now are smaller than the ones on the  trees in  August and that is because they are ‘settembrini’. The weather is cooler at night because it is ‘settembrini’

And the foods in the supermarket are now ‘settembrini’ ..fresh, locally grown apples, no more fresh watermelon…locally grown pears and smaller figs…yes September is creeping up on us.

I am taking one last summer fling and going to enjoy a day at the beach tomorrow…fresh tiny clams to make linguine alla vongole for dinner tomorrow, locallyproduced Pecorino wine…a meal to look forward to.. and  tonight The Basic Art of Italian Cooking kitchen will be filled with the perfume  of ‘Pasta al Forno’ (Baked pasta with cheese)..a typical dish to bring to the beach for lunch (tomorrow).

Looking forward to the peaceful rhythms of the rolling waves, the ‘end of the summer’ sun-a gentler one..and ‘pasta al forno’ on the beach..

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,



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