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Keeping up with TV…

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Always having to keep up with the latest cooking shows and news from all over the world I have had to choose the least complicated way to get the most channels brought to my living room..and for an ‘information junkie’ like myself Direct TV  has been the perfect choice.

I am going to be relocating  for a bit and have been able to get my channel selections and packages all set so that when I arrive in the States my TV programming will be all set up and ready to go because of selecting   This suits me just fine since there are so many other utilities that need to be set up and won’t be ready till at least a week after I return….

Although I am more of a soccer fan..many friends and family enjoy sports so I was also able to get a channel  with Direct TV for Sports to satsify family and friends ..especially those that come to visit on weekends.. So many channels to watch and keep up with for news ,gossip, cooking, sports,movies, news and more..guess  I will have to set up a TV in the kitchen so that I won’t miss a minute of programming..I guess maybe in my office also..keep me informed 24 hours a day…

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