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Editor: Christa Gutzler


Feeling the desire to bypass the car salesman on your quest for a new vehicle? And not just a machine that gets you from point A to point B, but an operable car that you trust, admire, and are proud to call your own? Some of us have mastered the craftiness involved in talking down prices, while others simply know more about cars and use this angle to get the best deal. But if you lack either of the aforementioned tools, there is another route available for you as the hunt for a new car begins.

Car Connection is a comprehensive resource for anyone ready to even just begin the car search. Featuring original rating guides, comparison tools, and extensive details and photos on an array of manufacturers and their vehicles, Car Connection is your one-stop-shop. Its accessibility via the internet offers any potential car owner a private view into the endless options in today’s market. Whether you are interested in a truck driver image, or need a family-oriented sedan, Car Connection not only displays details on the vehicles themselves, but guides to finding insurance, financing options, and priceless tips on navigating your way through this maze that is shopping for a car.

Most of the work has been done for you already, as information and statistics related to what to look for and what to avoid contributed to full length reviews featured on the site. They were compiled by latitudinal analyses of 2009 web reviews and provide in-depth commentary on the most important details related to choosing the right vehicle. You will learn about the          2010 Toyota review new aerodynamic features as well as why 2010  Dodge Ram seems to attract and maintain more loyalty than other brands. And to add a classy dose of finesse, you can sneak a peek at the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe review, the deluxe replacement of the CLK. If you don’t know what those letters mean, you’ve just come up with another reason to learn more at Car Connection.


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