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Il Lacrima and a ‘Little Prince’

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lacrima di morro d'alba

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by Maria Liberati

My recent trek to the region of Ancona in the province of Le Marche led to the discovery of a few culinary delights.. Il Lacrima di MorroD’Alba …the locals call it  the ‘little prince’ of red wines in the region..

You can find the vines for this particular wine grown in the hills of Morro D’Alba and nearby towns of Senegallia and Jesi. Il Lacrima is really unique and different from the more well known reds, not full of tannins but very fragrant. More of a new wine ,not particularly aged. It is not presented as  a noble wine but considered the ‘little prince’ of wines..’profumatissime’ (very fragrant) and charming, endearing to the senses..

When it comes to wine not everyone appreciates those characteristics..but many are curious to taste it and slowly fall in love with this wine’s endearing qualities.

At one time, Il Lacrima, in the ‘novella’ stage, was the wine of the peasants,they would use it to accompany their grilled meats eaten while on break working in the fields. They could not wait for the juice to finish aging and would pour it directly from the barrels into bottles. So it is popular to this day as a new wine…more remnants of cucina povere…

Il Lacrima can be found for sale usually after the 15th of December quickly after the vendemmia of that year.

Great wine to accompany local pasta or meat to follow soon..

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