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Brodetto & Verdicchio from Ancona

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copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

Following up to my posting about that wine fron the Le Marche region of Italy and the province of is another wine from that seems Le Marche is becoming a popular region in Italy..not touristy..great food..beautiful landscapes..

Verdicchio is a great wine to accompany seafood..and both accompany this region..seafood and verdicchio that is..

And hailing from the days of cucina povere comes ‘brodetto’ a way to use every part of the seafood & turn it to a soup

The recipe varies from town to town some mix with hot pepper, some with saffron, some with wine, some with tomatoes. Legend has it that to make this broth a success you should use a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 different fishes. Place slices of crusty bread in the oven drizzled with olve oil and topped with some fresh garlic. Broil on both sides. Put on bottom of soup plate and pour broth on top.

Accompany with a glass of verdicchio..and you have a meal!!

A visit to the fish market in Ancona always adds a mystery to the day’s meal never know what you will find till you arrive…see something that you like  ..plan your meal around it…never plan your meal before a visit to the fish market You may miss out on the fresh catch of the day.

 Mangia Bene Vivi Bene


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