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Sicily’s Beautiful Temples

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Sicily, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, has a history dating back to the Greek and Phenician colonies. The earliest of the Greek colonies was founded in 735 B.C. and the latest about 580 B.C. Today there are many of the remnants found of the great cities of this time. Many of which are rumble and debris that give evidence of the cities existence.

 The Greeks, who were known to worship the Greek Gods, celebrated their rituals while building temples that partially exist today. Given the history, Sicily with the many wars and the land being subjected to earthquakes, still has temples that are admired by tourists. Segesta, Appollonion, and Concordia are temples oftened visited.

 Seguesta was on the northwest mountainous coast of Sicily and was near the city of the Sicilian Elymi 2000 feet above the sea. The Doric dedicated to Aphrodite, is the only building left and stands among the hills with its columns that were never finished most likely due to the war between Segesta and Selinus. The city was abandoned in the Middle Ages, but the temple is one of the best preserved in Sicily.

 In southwestern Sicily, by the Selinus River, stands the ruins of seven ancient Doric temples. The city of which was known as Selinus. The largest of the temples, the Apollonion, dedicated to Apollo, is 371 feet in length and was unfinished due to the take over by the Carthaginians in 409. Because of the wars with Segesta the city never regained its strength to prosper.


The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, on the southern shore of Sicily, was built on the crest of several hills. These buildings have survived 2,500 years despite earthquakes, volcanoes, and wars. There were fifteen temples built by the Greeks in Agrigento. One of which was dedicated to Zeus and another to Hercules, but the only temple left standing is the Temple of Concordia. The temple was preserved when it was rebuilt into a church in the 6th century A.D.

 Although the beauty of the past surrounds Sicily, the evidence of the destruction by wars, earthquakes, and famine are apparent. Imagine the ancient times of prosperity when the cities were filled with people of all classes who lived, worked and breathed. A person visiting these ancient cities builds an awareness of the time when life was different.

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