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The Italian Cookie

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If ever there were an Italian dessert that works both as a gift for oneself and others, it is the pizzelle. The breakable deliciousness that comes with every bite is fit for anyone who loves a subtle taste of dessert any time of year and any time of the day. The Italians perfected this cookie taste in its southern region known as Abruzzo. Today, the dough is baked on a piece of equipment comparable to a waffle iron and the orange and vanilla savor results in every bite. Bellapizzelle is the premiere resource for these authentic Italian specialty cookies handmade to order

Pizzelle originated where my family originated in the region of Abruzzo and were  originally known as ferratelle. But different regions have different names for these delights.These are truly authentic Italian specialty cookies handmade to order  many flavors and experiences. With these flavors you can surely delight your tastebudsand have an authentic Italian experience.

With each order, you will receive both a historical commentary with your authentic specialty Italian cookies handmade to order  and a handwritten card, both FREE complementary additions to your order.  What a perfect gift for yourself or a special someone ..think of Holiday gifts..what an easy way to shop for a special gift. Go online from the comfort of your own home and select these tasty morsels in special flavors..

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