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Food & the World Series…

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Being a foodie when I think of the World doesn’t bring to mind baseball but  brings food to mind…  not just any food..Philly has  great soft pretzels..great with mustard or you can make a yummy grilled cheese sandwich with a Philly pretzel and fontina cheese. NY city brings to mind my favorite bagels..and NY cheesecake.  Of course Philadelphia has a famous Italian market and so does NY city (Brooklyn)…So if we had to decide the world series on food  I don’t know if I could pick a winner, would probably be a tie. Do you have any favorite foods from Philly or NY?  They are both great food towns..when visiting both cities you will always say ‘so much food, so little time’  because there is never enough time to taste everything. And it really makes you you have to be a great food town to get into the World Series??..I mean what we would have done if Boston was also in the World Series..too much great food to occupy your mind (and stomach) how could you concentrate on any game??

I can’t predict whther Philly or NY will win but I know  they will both have great food to celebrate with- so it’s a win-win situation all around…another occasion to celebrate with great food!  Here is a recipe for a long time favorite in Philly’s Italian market (now you can find them all over the city)-the Philadelphia cheesesteak. You can also find vegetarian ones in the city,they are healthier and are worth a try also..

In the spirit of the World Series, do you have a favorite Philly or NY city food? Tell us about it.


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