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Happy New Year with Vienna Philharmonic & Lots of Chocolate!

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vienna filarmonica

vienna chocolaatesNew Year’s Day always means a day of relaxing around the kitchen of our ‘piccolo villa’ here in the mountains of Abruzzo with family and friends that drop by as the day lingers on and  the Vienna Philharmonic on TV with the famed New Year’s Day concert and all kinds of chocolate delights to munch on around the table. From locally produced chocolate torrone, to gianduia torrone, to a type of Panettone filled with chocolate. This year the Philharmonic even put footage of Vienna’s best chocolatiers creating some luscious chocolate creations in sync  to one of the symphonies. But the Raditzky’s March signals the end of another New Year’s Day concert, and the start of another New Year of great food, recipes and places to discover.

Here is a  chocolate recipe ..simple but of my Holiday favorites that I picked up the first time I spent some of the Christmas Holidays in Venice. A Chocolate Salami..

chocolate salami



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