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Handmade Chocolates-the Perfect Dessert!

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Chocolates make the perfect ending to a great meal. And if you choose chocolate that is made of at least 60% cocoa you derive a health benefit from that piece of chocolate as well. One of my favorite desserts is a piece of chocolate after a meal..and a piece of chocolate makes a great accompaniment to the after dinner coffee. My favorite chocolate is a handmade one by Gail Ambrosius is a  cinnamon-cayenne chocolate..the combination of cinnamon and cayenne leaves you glowing from the contrast of he sweetness of the cinnamon and the hot fire roasted chilies…really a great after dinner experience!!

I love that these chocolates are handmade by an artisan chocolatier….give an artisan touch to your meal..and they come beautifully packaged as well.

You can find these earthly delights at  my Open Sky store


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