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Sipping Coffee in Genoa Italy

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bar klanguti-genoa

copyright 2010, Maria Liberati

The city of Genoa is not necessarily known for it’s coffee bars but there are some special ones that are worth a visit when in the city.  On a chilly winter day and a dreamy ride to the historical city needed to have an espresso to wake me up  and ended up discovering more than just one coffee… bar…

For a perfect pause in the middle of a leisurely stroll in Genoa you can stop at the superb historical coffee bar in Superba, once frequented by many an illustrious person. A. Vedova Romanengo (via Orefici 31) opened its’ doors in 1805. Famous for their production of dried, candied fruits, candied chestnuts (marrons glaces), and fruit gelatines. Today, however many a passer by stops in to enjoy a great coffee at the beautiful bar made of marble, or to sip a tea at the large tea salon on the upper floor. At one time, you could find at any given time a stop here meant you may also catch a glimpse of someone like Giuseppe Verdi and members of the royal family who were passing by.

For another coffee stop try Bar Klainguti, piazza Soziglia 98, opened in 1826 by two Swiss brothers (Klanguti brothers). In back of the bar filled with luscious sweets you will also find a card signed by Giuseppe Verdi to Carl Klanguti. But today as always you will find a glazed brioche filled with marmalade that is absolutely unforgettable, to accompany a coffee enjoyed in the beautiful décor.

Began in 1876, Caffe Mangini (piazza Corvetto 3/r). Filled with mirrors and decoration in the Liberty style of design, one can partake of a scumptiosu breakfast of coffee and one of their magnificent pastries. I recommend the ‘torta Zena’ or the Sacripantina.

Caffe Degli Specchi (salita Pollaiuoli 43/r) opened in 1917. The famous Italian poet, Dino Campana, wrote in description of this place” enter in a grotto of porcelain, sip coffee, admire the glass and the fun begins..”

I am enjoying some time in Le Marche for a culinary tour and time at the truffle farm..I am getting ready to begi nmaking the truffles available for sale..will be ready soon..hada wonderful ,delicious time in Le Marche..more on that soon..

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