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Organic Wine, Fiorano & Le Marche

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See the Fiorano vineyard here (click the link below):


Upon hearing “Pecorino,” you may immediately think of an Italian staple- Pecorino Cheese. However, in the Le Marche region of Italy, in a town called Ofida, Pecorino has quite a different meaning.

Pecorino is a crisp white wine made from the Pecorino grape. These grapes are mostly grown in Le Marche, a region neighboring Abruzzo.

 On my last culinary tour through Le Marche, a stop was at the   organic vineyard named Fiorano, I hosted  a wine tasting there  and  sampled  some of this magnificent wine. Walking around the rolling vines and olive groves that make up this vast, but artisan style property, truly makes you feel as though you are a part of nature. Tasting the  organic Pecorino wine enhances this earthy experience, since the wine  is made organically. The wine goes well with so many main dishes, and is not your typical white wine. it goes well with meat dishes since it is more robust than many white wines.

If you like what you see and can taste the wine and olives already you may want to join my culinary your there in October 2010. Email:

Spaces are limited and will include cooking classes and truffle hunting!

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