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Food and the City..

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What could be more appropriate than Food and the answer to Sex and the City 2 (the newly released film) how to get local, fresh, inspiring food experiences while living in the city.

Even though I live in the city.. while in the country house in Italy is never far from my mind..Bunches of fresh mint and oregano  tied together with twine or ribbon decorate the halls and rooms wherever I go….just the fragrance so inspiring.. Wherever I live I  turn my surroundings into a ‘country house’ it seems to be an uncontrollable reflex I have..

As a child living in South Philadelphia with a fig tree in my backyard growing through the concrete..and tomato plants  covering every bit of  the concrete..creating a ‘green backyard’.. I can’t help but wonder if it is an inherent natural reflex of know ‘’filling a city apartment with flowers and bowls of fresh fruit and veggies from the local market

Food and the City can be a challenge-especially for someone like me who loves to eat locally,hates to eat out..loves dining al fresco…but that country house and my childhood home in  the middle of South Philadelphia are  always there in my mind to help overcome..

Here are some tips to enjoy Food and the City for those city dwellers that hanker for a country atmosphere:
*Make your kitchen as rustic as possible-think Tuscan or Italian farmhouse style. Whatever fits your budget..even if it is just one piece a rustic looking chair..perhaps an old farmhouse table you found at a local outdoor market you can refinish..or even something as simple as a picture of a country kitchen.

*Place vases of fresh mint, fresh flowers, fresh lavender to make your surroundings more fragrant..

*Use whatever window space you have  to let as much light in as possible..make your dwelling sunny and bright-using real light (saves energy also).

*Most cities have open air markets. take advantage of it..nothing says ‘country farmhouse’ more than fresh fruits and veggies..

*Eating al fresco makes any matter how simple into the perfect meal. ( don’t know about you but a slice of bruschetta and a glass of Est!Est!Est! on a warm summer evening eaten out doors is the perfect summer meal) So wherever you are make use of any outdoor space you have that could fit a small table and some chair.

And if you are really inspired become a city farmer!

Hope to see you at Wed, May 26th, Book Expo America (Javits Convention Center, NY,NY) for my book singing at 11 AM at autographing area 4. Will be signing copies of my upcoming book release of the second edition of  The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions- winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Sept 9-12-I will be appearing at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival in Rhinebeck, much great wine and food there..hope to see you there.

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  1. Thank you for all the great posts! This one is explicit. I look forward to reading more interesting topics.

    June 1, 2010

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