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Recharge Your Summer

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Just about half over..summer that is…and just about time to recharge your summer before it is all gone. Here are some fun things to do to put the spark back into (what is left of) Summer:

*Eat a meal (or two) al fresco..there is nothing like it. Keep it uncomplicated, make it fresh!

*Purchase fresh produce at a local farm market. Summer gives us fresh produce like no other season..don’t forego the taste of freshly picked summer blueberries, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, corn. The fresh taste will dazzle your taste buds.

*Visit one of the summer county fairs held throughout the country. A great way to experience local food finds and local regional specialties.

*Get an ice cream maker and make your own fresh ice cream or gelato! Nothing like it. I just made a fresh strawberry gelato with local strawberries..all I can say is mmmmmmm!

*Try berry picking at a local is a fun but also educational thing to do with the kids.but you can do it yourself or friends as well.

*Make a blueberry or strawberry pie or crostata with those fresh berries. If you make a vanilla ice cream or gelato this makes the perfect accompaniment

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