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Parsley..a Girl’s Best Friend..

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“An honest laborious Country-man, with good Bread, Salt and a little Parsley, will make a contented Meal with a roasted Onion.”
John Evelyn (1620-1706)

Parsley is the herb in fashion as it seems everyone is using it on is at its’ freshest now and most flavorful but where once we were using fresh rosemary it is now fresh parsley…

prezzemolo 1

My morning today was pretty uneventful in this resort on the Adriatic coast..filled with fresh sea air,the sun providing her warm summer rays..On my stop at the local farm market after weighing my zucchini and eggplant, the woman at the counter told me (in Italian but I have translated here)  “parsley is like a perfect friend it makes room for all the other flavors..and rosemary like a bully..crowding out some if I want to get the full flavor of all these local veggies and just enhance them I should use fresh parsley when roasting..Rosemary is best to use in the winter when the freshness of the flavors of the veggies are not so intense..

Parsley has now become my best friend..if you take a bunch home from the market place it in a glass vase filled with water and change the water everyday..

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