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The Night of the Shooting Stars & A Fresh Veggie Tartare

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Tonight, August 10th is known as the night of San Lorenzo and the night of the ‘stelle cadente’ or falling stars. Saint Lorenzo was a martyr and legend has it that on this night his tears shoot out of the sky as falling stars.

Every August 10th, wherever I may be here in long as weather permits we eat dinner outside  after the sun sets..and while eating we watch the shooting stars,the beauty of the night adds so much to the meal….hope you can do the same wherever you are..and here is a recipe from tonight’s dinner table..this is served cold and refreshing for a hot summer night to watch the stars:

Tartare Di Mango e Verdure (Tartare of Mango & Vegetables)

(Serves 4 people)

1 mango

1 fresh beet ,cooked till tender and peeled

1/2 cup dried lentils, soaked overnight and cooked till tender

2 carrots

3 leeks

juice of one fresh lemon

salt and pepper to taste

Clean carrots and cut into little sticks about 2 inches long, 1/4 inch wide.Set aside, Cut beet into sticks same dimension of carrots.Peel mango and cut into small cubes. Clean leeks and cut into small pieces. I nab owl place in 3 tblsps olive oil and lemon juice,salt and pepper. Add in chopped leeks, blend with fork.  On a plate, make a small tower in this way- arrange in the center of plate  a layer of lentils, then a layer of carrot sticks, then beet sticks, then mango cubes,top with olive oil dressing and repeat in 3 more plates,serve as an appetizer with a glass of chilled Friuli Grave Doc

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