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Less Clutter in the Kitchen…Cucina Povere Style

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Why can’t basil and parsley simply be torn into pieces..why all the clutter of the knife and cutting with some type of skill?..besides a torn piece of basil or parsley looks much more beautiful than one that has been expertly cut…minimalist cooking is what I call this..using the least tools necessary to create..The Basic Art of Italian Cooking…

Maybe it is because I am at our beach house (on the Adriatic coast) where we keep the cooking fresh, healthy but simple..besides who wants to have to worry about all that clutter  in the kitchen when there is a beautiful beach to enjoy. I am inspired by summers of yesteryear spent with my grandparents at their beach house and remembering the very way they did things..simple and basic…more time to enjoy the beach and look for fresh,local produce and specialties..and meals are always delicious..from fresh tomato sugo made with local tomatoes to pannini made with freshly baked focaccia bread and stuffed with frittata flavored with fresh mint to cold Italian style potato salad made with locally grown tomatoes and potatoes, locally grown string beans,tuna, fresh parsley,dash of olive oil and white wine vinegar (produced locally)..

Try tearing your fresh herbs next’s easy…less clutter in the kitchen, quicker and a fresh experience when you tear the leaves and release the oils of the herbs, the aroma is hypnotizing!.

I know that many years ago, people could not afford special knives and would do this out of necessity but now minimalism in the kitchen is in style..less clutter =less space used..and more open space…besides who needs all that clutter..keep it simple and basic!

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    October 29, 2010
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