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Pizza By the Book….

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To gain the skill of a true’gastronaut ( gastronomy + astronaut=gastronaut or someone who travels to experience the true art of gastronomy) to be able to decipher the best of the best foods you have to taste them all..from the average to the sublime..and I have come to learn that even in Italy all foods are not equal.

Today I experienced a true gastonomic lesson..all pizza is not equal..even in Italy..someone either makes pizza by the book or creates a pizza from their hands as a true artist… On my round to pick up ingredients for lunch today I decided to take another route home and the sign PIZZA blared in front of my face…and it was closer than walking another 10 minutes to get freshly baked focaccia bread and pizza from our favorite ‘fornaio’ (oven).

Our favorite pizza baker has been around for over 50 yrs  and the recipe for the pizza and focaccia has been handed down from generation to generation..a modest establishment with focaccia and breads decorating the windows and signs written by hand telling you the prices of their baked goods…the place I stopped at today was shiny and newly opened…their focaccia was merely focaccia by the book..nothing out of the ordinary..just focaccia bread..kind of doughy and heavy…

A lesson learned is that all gelato and pizza and bread are not equal here in Italy…be sure you know where you are eating at and get recommendations if possible if you want to experience the best of the best and have a gastronomic experience. Some foods are worth waiting for and worth walking that extra mile…

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