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Ortona-Little City By the Sea

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 copyright 2010, Maria Liberati

ortona 2

Ortona  is a splendid little city by the sea..tranquil with breathtaking views of the Adriatic and its’ own boardwalk to discover..a one day visit is enough time to wander around the small streets, the piazza and stop at one of the local farms or vineyards for locally produced wines olive oil, grapes or whatever is in season.

On a lazy Sunday, a visit to Ortona on the way home from our beach house made the day feel even more lazier….a town that is enjoyed by strolling around and inhaling the relaxed atmosphere in the air…in the piazza, a quick stop at one of the local bakers to grab a piece of  freshly made pizza or biscotti  made from locally produced ingredients.

ortona al mare

As we made our way to the boardwalk with pizza in hand..a child ran up to her mother and in Italian her mother told her to “slow down”..seems to me that could be the town slogan….and a much need one.

The churches,as in all Italian towns are numerous, but these two seem to remain in my ‘suitcase of memories’: La Madonna Dell’Olivastro built in the 17th century, although it is tiny it has plenty of beautiful frescoes, the Madonna Della Pace was built around 1430 and what remains is the large front door and some of the inside structure..

tremiti islands

You can take a trip to the Tremiti Islands…. so many have emailed to ask me how to get to the small Tremiti islands..well there is a boat that leaves from the port here at Ortona by the Sea.

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