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The Art of Simplicity & A Frittata

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Simple ,delicious recipes that use mainly Mother Nature’s Ingredients are my favorite..frittata with mentuccia (mint)…it is a recipe from the days of cucina povere..but the flavor of the mint makes the frittata fragrant…they work so well together (eggs and mint) is hard to resist! 
And with a garden full of fresh mint..this was a great excuse to pick some mint…tonight’s frittata for a light dinner on a hot August night under the stars..watching the fireworks in the sky from  a nearby town celebrating a festa..

Simplicity is an art..and this recipe proves simple yet so delicious

Enjoy,.serve with crusty bread and a glass of Trebbiano or Est!Est!Est! and you will




Frittata con Mentuccia (Egg frittata with mint)


frittata con menta

(serves 4)

4 eggs

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

one handful of fresh mint leaves chopped or torn into small pieces

dash of salt

Break eggs into bowl and whip with a fork. Heat olive oil in saute pan. Pour in eggs, sprinkle on mint leaves, a dash of salt to taste.When one side is cooked turn frittata over. When frittata is firm on both sides place in serving dish and slice into 4 slices,serve warm or cold the next favorite way to eat this is leftover.. the next day in a pannino…

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