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Post Holiday Cocktails & Finger Foods

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 Holiday Decorations began coming down, today, at the country house.. the 6th of  January is the official end of the Holidays here…our tree was ‘stripped’ of its’ tinsel and home made garland..but it is being planted outside  so it will be close by….

What to  do  after the Holidays..see more friends that you were not able to catch up with during the Holidays…for light cocktails and Finger food at home… a nice, relaxing way to have a get -together..a welcome change after those elaborate Holiday meals.

My organic rosemary is still growing heartily in our giardino (even in January) and the country house was decorated today with bouquets of fresh rosemary and lavender from our bushes and the caminetto (fireplace) filled with elegant but simple way to fragrance and decorate.. Tonight’s cocktails will be non-alcoholic.. it is so flavorful you won’t even notice…here’s one that is exceptionally healthy..

Mango Passion

*3 tsps of assam tea or 3 teabags of black tea

*1 mango (about 1 lb)

*2 bananas (1/4 lb)

*16 ounces unsweeetened pineapple juice

*crushed ice

Bring to almost boiling-2 cups water. When almost boiling place in tea bags or loose tea in filter. Cover and let cool. Squeeze out the tea bags or remove filter. Place tea in refrigerator.

Peel mango, cut 4 small pieces from whole mango and set aside.  Place remaining pulp of mango, banana, pineapple juice, tea  in a food processor, blend. Divide int o4 tall glasses, place in crushed ice and garnish with mango slices.

Finger foods are in ‘fashion’ here in Italy! If you want to invite over a lot of guest but don’t have time to prepared different courses, ask each  guest to bring a finger food of their choice….makes a great casual buffet or supper.

Bruschetta  di Pollo & Curry ( Bruschetta with Chicken & Curry)

*1 lb chicken cutlets-boneless ,skinned

*1-2 tsps curry

*pinch of salt

*pinch of pepper

*juice of 1/2 lime

*2 tsps olive oil

*3/4 cup whipping cream

*2 ounces Cream or farmer’s cheese-lite or regular

*30 crostini or round crackers or melba toasts or bruschetta slices

*handful of fresh basil leaves

Wash chicken filets, dry.  Cut into small cubes. Place cubes in a bowl and add in curry, salt and pepper, lime juice and let marinate in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Place oil in saute pan and palce in chicken,  fry for 5 minutes or until golden brown, constantly stirring. Remove from heat, let cool.  In another bowl, place   in softened  cream cheese and cream and mix till well blended. Add in chicken. Place mixture on toast or crackers and garnish with finely chopped basil. Serve.

For more recipes get your copy of the Award Winning Book selected as the Best Italian Cuisine Book in the USA by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards- The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions-2nd edition

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