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Coffee Tasting and a Recipe for Caffe Principessa

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Romantic, inviting, inebriating, coffee is the beverage of choice of millions of people around the world. Come to think about it, coffee plays an important role in the lives of millions of people around the world..from those who produce it to those who consume it.


Besides many trips to (what I consider) some of the world’s best and most beautiful coffee bars in the world here in Rome, Italy..I have been studying coffee with some of the world’s coffee experts/tasters here…and here  some of the terms used to describe coffee when coffee tasting, when it comes to the olfactory terms:

*Fragrance- sweet/floral or sweet/spicy

*aroma-fruity or herbal


*after taste-chocolatey, carbony,chemicaly,spicy

So instead of gulping the next cup down quickly, as most of us do….sip and attempt to discern all the wonderful (or maybe not so wonderful) different tastes in your cup..but isn’t, that how life is..we never stop to smell the roses or sip the coffee…and never realize all the wonderful things that are right there in front of us to savor…

Here is one of my favorite coffee drinks,especially in the winter

Caffe Principessa (Princess Coffee)

*1/2 cup hot espresso

*1 tblsp rum

*2 tblsps water

*1 tblsp brown sugar

*pinch of powdered sugar

*1 dried orange peel

*pinch of powdered cinnamon

*whipped cream

In a small sauce pan, pour in water,orange peel, sugar, rum. Heat and stir, Remove from heat, filter or pour through cheesecloth into a tempered glass. Add in coffee and powdered sugar,stir. Top with whipped cream and pinch of powdered sugar on top.

Serve hot.

Read about some of  my  coffee bar  visits   here in Rome, Italy or about the interesting past of cappuccino

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