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Ancient City of Alba Fucens & Gluten Free Coconut Dessert

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Someone once said “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” and an impromptu trip to an ancient city left by the Romans in the mountains of Abruzzo … a colony started by the Romans in the year 303..made this saying ring true..

My favorite part of ‘traveling’ is not the actual plan that has been devised but the imptomptu and discovering of the unexpected.  Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. To get some after lunch exercise we were invited by friends to take an afternoon drive and walk to the ancient town of Alba Fucens..set up by the Romans with remnants of houses and the original city remaining..while walking up the steep mountain  we reached a  view and  peaceful quiet that  was also quite remarkable..

A coconut dessert that is also gluten free went perfect with the a cup of espresso after an exhilirating walk thorugh this ancient treasure.

Coconut Dessert

(approx 8 servings)

*1 cup rice flour-

*1 cup coconut flour

*3/4 cup sugar

*4 ozs butter

*5 medium eggs

*1 tsp baking powder gluten free

*1 lemon

*extra butter to butter pan

*pinch of salt

*Powdered sugar

Separate eggs and set whites aside. Beat egg yolks, sugar into a cream. Add in softened butter and lemon zest and beat again. In separate bowl place in flours and baking powder. Add into egg yolk mixture a little at a time. In separate bowl beat egg whites, pinch of salt to firm peaks. Then fold egg whites into mixture. Butter and flour with rice flour or potato starch a square or round 8 “ cake pan. Place in batter. Cook for 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

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