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Happy Terminalia, Celebrate With an Orange & Sage Sorbetto

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Once upon a time in Ancient Rome, Terminalia, was celebrated on February 23rd to honor the God Terminus.   According to Ancient Roman mythology, Terminus, was the ancient God who protected boundaries and the feast was celebrated by landowners.  Terminalia was the feast created in his honor.

 Here is a  sorbetto cocktail (influenced by the Ancient Romans) to celebrate. It’s a healthy non-alcoholic cocktail. But I have added a touch of sage, in honor of the Romans, who introduced this herb as a medicinal plant to Europe from was also known to have been touted as an overall tonic. 

Orange &  Sage Sorbetto


4 cups spring water

1 1/2 cups sugar

filtered juice of 2 fresh oranges

skin of 1 fresh orange and  extra for garnish

5 sage leaves

In a saucepan place water, sugar and orange peel. Boil for 20 minutes and until the sugar is completely dissolved. Place orange juice and sage leaves  in another saucepan and heat for 5 minutes over medium low heat to reduce the juice. Add in sugar mixture and stir over low heat for 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Cool. Then filter the liquid, removing sage leaves and orange peel.  Place liquid in a tight container, cover and freeze.  When frozen, place in food processor till ‘slushy’, then refreeze in a covered container. Take out approx 3-4 minutes before ready to serve. Serve in  chilled fluted glasses, decorated with orange peel and sage leaves. Serve….

Cin Cin to Terminalia!

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