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Selecting Restaurant Equipment

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If you have a restaurant or are planning to open one, spend some dedicated time selecting cooking equipment. When I consult with novices looking to open a restaurant I always remind them that the quality of the equipment is just as important in the success of any of the dishes on your menu as well as the food.

If you are going to have dishes that require deep frying, select deep fryers that  are energy efficient. So many restaurant owners look to scrimp on money by purchasing used equipment and buy used deep fryers with frayed wires. If the wires are frayed you know that this piece of equipment is not study and can be old which means it is not efficient and worst of all can easily cause a fire in the kitchen.

Food display is important for those that have a set up conducive to displaying foods from glass cases to gelato machine displays. Select something that looks professional and fits the décor no matter how informal or simple it may be. So many items make up a successful food establishment and food is just one of the important items.

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