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Merchant Account Providers & Opening Your New Restaurant

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Weekends some times find me catching up with friends and what better way to catch up than-over food-. So last night we went to one of our little local ,but great food places. The food was great ,even the service was nice, the only thing that was really inconvenient is that they did not accept credit cards

As a restaurant consultant, one of my most important bits of advice is if you open a restaurant, no matter how big or small, accept credit cards. Since most, myself included are in the habit of not carrying cash, it was really inconvenient that we had to rummage through our purses to find enough cash to pay the bill and tip. People will buy more when you accept credit cards!

Restaurant merchant account is one of the first accounts you will need to set up as a new restaurant owner. No application fees and no setup fees is a true incentive for any eatery owner. Accepting credit cards is a true convenience that any customer looks for.

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