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Day After Easter Letdown & Pasquetta to the Rescue…..

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If you are having some type of letdown after Easter, consider celebrating ‘Pasquetta’ or Little Easter as they do in Italy. Always celebrated on Easter Monday and it’s also like celebrating that  Spring is finally here..with picnics mountain hiking or trips to the beach (if weather permits) typical ways to celebrate..a great way to prolong that Spring- Easter feeling.

My favorite memories of Pasquetta past are picnics in the mountains of Abruzzo and the Abruzzo national park..but one particularly interesting Pasquetta was a drive to the Amalfi coast with my significant other..a fearless driver (nonetheless). Night had approached and ,of course we had  overstayed what had been a beautiful, long Spring day. All of a sudden out of nowhere a hail storm began. Driving the curves,or sitting in the passenger side of a car that is driving the curves of the Amalfi coast while a hail storm is raging was not the perfect way to end what was a beautiful day. It was a terrifying end to the day. I tried  to focus  my gaze on some of the sparsely lit up cliffs and scenery that I could see only because of a few lights we passed to take my mind off the winding and turning sharp curves he was driving..that seemed like forever but in reality was some 30 minutes.. Focusing on the  spectacular scenery, even though vaguely visible through the hail, was enough to get me through that is a beauty that I will never forget….the raging hail through these hazy cliffs..

Needless to say, when we reached the end, of course the hail seemed to begin subsiding, almost magically, and  my thoughts quickly went back to the day we spent…. an unforgettable  picnic and the outdoor coffee bar trips for many a Neapolitan pastry and gelato…. all fear seemed to have subsided.

If you are able to have a Pasquetta today, even if only in your mind..go for it..

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