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Happy Father’s Day, A Country House and A Special Present

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A Happy Father’s Day to all Father’s and a special one to my Father. A story from my The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions book is one of my favorite memories of growing up with my Dad. Although it is related to Christmas I am sure you can all share in the spirit and its’ meaning.

There is one Christmas gift that always stands out in my memory, a sled. When I was 4 yrs old my family lived in the city of Philadelphia-not exactly the optimal terrain to go sledding.  However, my parents always dreamed of taking us out of the city to a country house, a place where we could have our own backyard and room to move. They eventually did this, through a lot of hard work and planning. But my dad couldn’t wait, and who knows maybe it was his way of focusing on his goal;he wanted me to have my first sled ride as soon as I could, even if it meant he had to pull me along the sidewalks himself.

After all the presents were opened on Christmas Day, my Mom insisted that we all get ready to go to Nonna’s house for Christmas dinner. My father, on the other hand refused to go anywhere until he took me on my first sled ride ‘city style’.  Around the block we went on that crisp, snowy day with Dad pulling me on that little sled.  It started becoming very windy and cold and he began turning around towards home, as a I realized that I begged “ pull me again Daddy” instructing him to take me for another stroll around the block.

My doting father began pulling me on another trek around the block once again. It felt like we were unstoppable and the ride would never end. That is until my Mom came out to find us and ordered us inside to get ready for Christmas dinner.  Luckily, I have many photos of that ride since his Christmas present was a camera and he brought it along on that inaugural ride!

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