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Summer with Fresh Mint

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One of my must have summer ingredients is fresh iced tea.. with cold grilled eggplant and so many other dishes..

Mint is a very unique herb. Unlike other green herbs, mint has an array of fruity flavors and dessert-like tastes that will drive your taste buds wild. You will never believe you are tasting an herb from a garden. Here are a few different types to choose from when deciding what mint to grow or purchase at your local market or grocery store.


Peppermint is probably the most common type of mint, and the aroma is what people generally think of when they imagine “mint.” It can be used in teas, toothpaste, gum, and many desserts, especially involving chocolate. It is generally believed to have a positive effect on one’s health.


Apple mint is often used for decorative purposes because it is an attractive plant with light green leaves and small, purplish-pink flowers. It is perfect for jam, tea, and various sauces due to its fruity apple flavor and scent.


Pineapple mint is a type of apple mint with white flowers. The taste is similar to pineapple, so it can be used in nearly any fruit dish that needs a little extra flavor. It is a plant that is commonly used for its fragrance and aesthetic appeal.


Spearmint is a more common type of mint for gardeners, and it is frequently found in various gum, toothpastes and drinks, such as mojitos and mint juleps. It can be used in cooking and used raw in salads. It has a potent aroma and is frequently used for its soothing effects.


Chocolate mint has an aroma and flavor similar to chocolate but with an added kick of mint. It can be used in teas, and, of course, many chocolate desserts! It is a delicious addition to any kitchen, garden or dessert.


Curly mint is generally used for decoration due to its curled leaves. The leaves have contrasting hues of green, and the flavor and aroma are similar to peppermint or spearmint but are less potent. This plant is generally not used for cooking or flavoring purposes.


These are just a few of the many types of mint, so be adventurous and try as many as you can find!


Do you have any favorite mint recipes for summer?  Please share with our readers

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