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Combat (Terrible) Airplane Food with Your Own Pannini

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Is it  my imagination or is airplane food at its’ worst?? What little they serve you that is…  Traveling to Italy recently, with a group of Italians, I knew the airplane ride was going to be all about the the day before the trip was spent making pannini with frittata and melanzana parmigiana..

and thank goodness I did

The meals served were choices of some type of ‘despicable’  limp, pasta with a clump of (what looked like tomatoes) or a (bland) chicken dish…. Well we chose neither, thank you, and as the smell of olive oil, garlic wafted through the air we unwrapped and savored our pannini  while others mercifully  had to chow down on something that only resembled food. 

My recommendation to anyone taking a long flight is to do the same, and don’t forget to bring some fresh fruit for after dinner.

Here’s a delicious pannini  with egg frittata to bring along, keep it simple since you will be taking it with you and don’t want a sloppy sandwich:


*5 eggs

*2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

*salt and pepper to taste

*1 loaf of crusty Italian bread cut into 3

Break eggs into a bowl and beat till frothy. Heat oil in a saute pan. Pour in eggs. Cook till edges are browned and turn over and cook on opposite side. Place in bread. Wrap with parchment paper and then plastic and then aluminium foil. Refrigerate till needed.

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