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La Dolce Vita and an Italian Taste of Labor Day Weekend

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Doing a bit of La Dolce Vita in the Eternal City for an Italian style Labor Day celebration… A weekend in Rome always seems to me as though I am playing a part in one of my favorite Italian classic films.. La Dolce Vita….wake up and have a cappuccino at 1 PM..go shopping till 4 PM….espresso, aperitivo, tramezzini at a coffee bar in the center of the city…home and eat pranzo (lunch) at 5 PM….





relax and take a little ‘riposo’ (rest)….get ready to go for a walk in the center of town-Via Condotti- and then another aperitivi before dinner..dinner at 9 PM..stroll for gelato at 11 PM and walk some more to see the most beautiful ruins in the glow of the lights that light up the city…


trevi fountain

Back with recipes this week..Happy Labor Day!!

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