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Gelato & Cappuccino..The Perfect Marriage

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Even gelato has a literary past..the first gelato is said to have been invented by a Sicilian- Francesco Procopio, who in 1684 went to Paris to open a coffee bar Cafe de Procopio. A bar well known as a haunt by the ‘literati’ of its’ time with the likes of Victor Hugo, Voltaire and Balzac. While enjoying gelato you can ponder some of the wisdom of these very literate geniuses who were doing the same at Cafe de Procopio while creating their masterpieces.



cafe procope 1

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey”

Victor Hugo

The hot summer days of Rome continue as September begins and one needs to find clever (and delicious) ways to stay cool and enjoy some tastes of summer into autumn..One cool find I have been enjoying at some of the local coffee bars upon my wake up is a cappuccino with gelato and a mini cornetto (croissant). With guests at our ‘pied a terre’ in the city I decided to wake everyone up with this sweet breakfast at home, and replicate the same This morning upon my wake up, the sun was shining over the Coliseum, and I knew this would be the prefect ‘wake- up’. First a quick trip around the apartment to open up all the shutters to take in the Roman sunshine. Breakfast was served up on the terrazzo with a picturesque view of the Coliseum..

Smoky Cappuccino

4 cups of cappuccino

4 scoops of gelato-chocolate

4 scoops of gelato-vanilla

Whipped cream (to make fresh use 1 cup fresh cream for whipping)

cinnamon stick

4 wafers or

Whip fresh cream till peaks form. Distribute the gelato in 4 large cappucino cups. Pour the cappuccino on top of the gelato and top with fresh whipped cream.

Add a pinch of cinnamon and top with a mini croissant,brioche or cornetti

“All humanity is passion; without passion, religion, history, novels, art would be ineffectual”.

Honore de Balzac



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