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Hurry….Make Fresh Giardinera in Your Own Kitchen

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Being a foodie, my memories are arranged by foods, and for me the best memory of a season is the fresh vegetables Mother Nature gives us. In winter, I wish for the vibrant tastes and bold colors of my summer garden.  And I consider homemade giardinera, my summer scrapbook of those flavors.  Summer has just passed  but some of it’s flavors and produce are still lingering. Before they are all gone….till next year..make some giardinera.  Don’t forget to  put together  some  extra jars to   bring along as a hostess gift for dinners or to  give as gifts


giardini di verdura



Giardinera makes the perfect appetizer and can be served with cheeses, crackers, breads, or alone.

Of course not everyone has their own garden, but don’t fret, your local farm produce store should have a selection of fresh veggies in season.  Locally produced vegetables make the most flavorful giardinera and one that is so reminiscent of a season’s  flavors.
   Here’s my favorite recipe and if you want to make some extra jars for gifts, you will also need hand made cards and some twine to tie around the tops of the jars and attach the cards.

Homemade Giardinera

*4 lbs mixed vegetables in season (carrots, celery, green beans,cauliflower,red and yellow peppers, cipollini onions)
*2 cups white vinegar
*5 tablespoons sunflower seed oil
*3 tablespoons sugar
Cut carrots into small sticks, cut celery into large chunks,cut green beans into large chunks, cut peppers into large chunks, peel cipollini onions and leave whole, use only the florets of the cauliflower that have been detached from the hard stalk. Wash all vegetables and pat dry,
Place vinegar and oil in a large pot with sugar, and pinch of salt. Bring to a boil. Place in all vegetables and let boil for another 2 minutes, mixing consistently. remove from heat.
Place in jars that for preserving. Leave about 1/2 inch empty from the top. Seal the jars. Boil water in large pot. Submerge sealed jars in boiling water and let boil for 30 minutes. Remove jars and let cool. Wipe jars dry and label with date cooked.  Let jar remain unopened for 1 month before tasting.
Unopened jars of giardinera can be stored up to 6 months ina cool, dry place. Once opened, the jars can be stored in refrigerator for one week

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