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Food and Memories Are Served

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It’s kind of eery… but lately I have been feeling as though I am’ channeling ‘my grandparents and great aunts from Italy through food..let me explain…

My grandfather used to make a scrumptious  egg &  potato frittata..I have  never tasted any that compare..and yesterday I had one here…tasted the same, smelled the same and was so tasty that it created that same euphoric effect.. I could not help but think about him..



Saturday, I found a forno (bakery) that makes a type of biscuit they call a  ciambella..that my grandmother used to make. They are a specialty made in a town called Sora, not far from where my grandmother was born and where her parents had a bakery..I loved staying at her house on weekends. Sunday mornings you could always be sure to wake up to the smell of these ‘ciambella’ baking in the oven (no need for an alarm clock) matter  how early it was ..the perfume beckoned you to  go down to the kitchen for a breakfast of ciambella and coffee…. I could not help but think of her…




Bread from Venafro ( A town in the region of Molise, Italy) great grandparents (who I never met) were famous in their town for their baked goods and this bread was one of them.. A family friend   traveled to a nearby location that gets a daily delivery of this specialty bread and brought it as a gift for a dinner last week…. As I bit into my first

slice of that bread I found myself daydreaming about what my great grandparents must have been like….

I almost have to wonder if they realized (unconsciously)  that these food memories  they made would be always with me, even though they would not… so that their presence is always around in food and in thought!


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