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Moving To Online Shopping

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Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

Over the years I have started doing more and more of my shopping online. At first I was a little resistant to moving to online shopping. I was worried about identity theft, and I thought I would miss going to stores and shopping with friends. So I started shopping online here and there, but still did the bulk of my shopping in stores. It feels like every year I did more and more shopping online until I got to where I am today. Now that I am so used to shopping online, I don’t even think about going to stores anymore unless I absolutely can’t get something online. Why would I go to a store when I can have something delivered to my door? I can shop around for the best prices without leaving my house, which is so convenient. I also don’t have to deal with annoying crowds and long lines. I have even started branching out and shopping for services like clear wireless deals. It’s crazy how so much about the way we do things can change in such a short time. I I laugh now when I remember how resistant I was to online shopping at first.

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