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Discounts from Southwest Airlines

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With flying all over the US to so many cities sometimes within a few days, being able to comfortably bring baggage with me is one of the most important factors I look at. The $120 or so fare saved for checked on baggage can be used for other things. If you are on vacation that means some extra spending cash to have a delightful trip once you’ve arrived.. If you’re traveling for business that means traveling within budget and helping to keep business costs down.

With Southwest Airline, no throwing away money for baggage, because up to 2 checked bags are free!  This is truly a rarity. Truthfully I am not sure that any other airline offers this.

Then there are also the ‘hard to resist’ discounts from Southwest Airlines. They have gotten me to many places within budget and on time. And there are always specific cities that receive a discount on a ticket price. You need to be sure to know that you may need a Southwest Airlines coupon to take advantage of the discount. But it is a great incentive if you are traveling to a specific city, or it may even be enough of a discount to sway your vacation destination choice. Another way to have more money to enjoy when you arrive at your destination.

The other way that you get discount from Southwest Airlines is NOT paying any penalty fee for changing your ticket. If you have to make last minute changes to your ticket, as I so often have experienced or even if you miss a flight, there is no penalty fee. So just think of it as extra spending money you have saved upon. No worrying or anxiety also knowing that you may have top ay an unexpected penalty if you don’t get that flight!

Another great way to save money when flying with Southwest Airlines is by earning points for flights flown. Get a Southwest Airlines credit card and you will earn points and free flight tickets for flights purchased. So not only do you get a a flight but also may get a free hotel to make the trip even more enjoyable.

Take a look at Southwest Airlines website to keep track of all the discounts promotions offered. They make flying more enjoyable. No anxiety about having to figure out how to squeeze everything in one bag, to save money. No anxiety for missed flights or changing schedule on short notice fees. So not only do you get discounts but rewards for flying with Southwest, as if free baggage and discounted tickets weren’t enough.

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