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An Equestrian Dream

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Contribution by Kennith Griffin

When my twelve-year old daughter Adrian decided, at the age of ten, that she wanted to take up horseback riding, we thought it would be a temporary hobby. But she loved it and she loves horses. And she is a great rider. She took lessons and has begun showing and we could not be prouder. So it made sense for my husband and me to purchase a farm after we bought our daughter a horse. My husband grew up on a farm and loves to ride. We had actually enjoyed a few family trail rides when Adrian announced that she wanted to learn to ride. The farm we purchased is about fifty minutes outside the city, making for a long commute to work for my husband, who owns a law firm. He does not seem to mind the drive though. He does a lot of work from home, which is why it was important that we purchased in an area that was internet accessible. I searched on gather info about the area in which we were looking and was pleased to know we could be connected out there. We love living out here and watching our daughter mature into her sport.

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