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A Caffe Frullato Recipe…See You June 18th at Davio’s Steakhouse

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Guest Blogger: Madigan Naylor

With finals just around the corner, students everywhere are buckling down into corners of the library burying their noses in textbooks. Whether you are studying for a final exam or cramming in a work project last minute, burning the midnight oil comes with the desire for caffeine… and lots of it. In America, we tend to sweeten up our coffee with milk, cream, and/or sugar. Coffee is much more important and a part of Italian culture. The first European coffeehouse was actually opened in Venice, Italy in the 17th century! The love of this addictive, smooth-as-velvet stimulant quickly spread throughout Italy and eventually the world. There are numerous different coffees, such as French coffee, which is dark compared to Italian coffee, which is roasted to a rich brown color. I’ve been told that the flavor of coffee depends on the roasted time and the size of the roasted batch. If the beans are roasted for too long, it will spoil the flavor. We wouldn’t want that–– I love the unmistakable, perfect scent of coffee beans brewing.

In this winter months, we resort to hot cups of coffee and snuggle up in a chair and work. In the warmer months, though, we need to be cooled off as well. Nobody wants to work in an uncomfortable environment. We don’t need to run out and pay almost $5 for a delectable treat to help inspire us to keep going. One recipe that comes to mind that does the job is Maria Liberati’s delicious recipe for frullatto al caffe. It is like a milkshake or a frappucino. The amaretto adds a delicate, sweet, almond flavor to the drink. This drink recipe is perfect because it combines our love of coffee with the ability to cool us off all at once. After blending it, be sure to put it in a fun or overly- elegant chilled glass for extra enjoyment!

Frullatto al caffe (Coffee ‘frullato’ or milkshake)

From the GOurmand World Award Wining Book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions- 2nd edition

*2 cups of strong espresso coffee

*4 tblsps of sugar or sugar substitute

*2 cups of chopped ice

*1 tsp of anisette or amaretto flavoring

*1 cup milk (part skim or skim milk)

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for 30 seconds. Serve immediately in two tall chilled glasses.

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holiday book second edition

See You on June 18th!

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