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Waikiki Hotels

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It’s no wonder that the beautiful paradise of Waikiki Hawaii on the island of Oahu used to be the vacation¬† retreat of choice for kingdom royalty in the 1800’s and a place for celebrities and today’s royalty.

Waikiki Hotels offer such a wide variety of choices to please any palate. If you like the sandy white beaches, you can stay in a beachfront resort. Or if you prefer that chic boutique hotel experience with a view of Diamond Head Volcano, you have many choices. If you prefer that urban feel with upscale dining, they have you covered as well.

Now as for activities, you may just want to take in the breathtaking scenery. But if you want to take advantage of all the water activities Waikiki has to offer, many hotels can arrange to give you the complete Waikiki experience. Canoeing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling are just some of the water activities they can arrange for you.

But let’s not forget that world famous Hospitality that abounds here and that you are sure to find in any style of hotel you choose in Waikiki. And no matter what hotel you choose you are sure to have an exceptional view in a place where island views abound.

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