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Swimsuits, Staying Healthy, Losing Weight

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With swimsuit season upon us,everyone turns their thoughts to dieting after a long winter season. But which diet to follow is certainly the question since there are so many out there. Everyone can certainly find a diet that suits their tastes.

Dieta Atkins is one that has been very popular for many years. A diet that concentrates on eating low to no carbs and more protein.

Of course that is not the only choice. Dieta mediterranea is one of my favorites since it is meant to be a permanent dietary change not just a temporary fix. So it is a new lifestyle change you incorporate into your life, eating healthy things like fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, using olive oil as your main source of fat, but everything in moderation.

Another choice that comes up frequently these days is dieta Fricker. Most likely this is getting a lot of attention because it is also known as somewhat of a high speed diet and has different phases of eating to it. But it does emphasize fruits and vegetables, and that is a good thing. You should always be sure to eat healthy even when losing weight.

Anyway you look at it, choose a diet that makes you feel good and stay healthy!

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