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Missed You….Atlantic City

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First a heartfelt apology to those of you who were expecting me at Atlantic City Gourmet Food and Wine Show this weekend. Unfortunately, my car decided not to go in reverse and it had to be towed all this morning.. so I unexpectedly could not make it sorry I could not make it..always look forward to seeing my AC fans and getting a chance to catch up with you.

Luckily my next stop is Italy and my car can’t take me there…my suitcase is not packed yet..I don’t pack till last has become a habit of mine..thanks to my cat.. ( who is gone now) he used to get quite mad when he saw my packed  suitcase. he knew that meant he would be staying home without me and would sulk and be ‘not too agreeable.’ I began making it a habit of not packing till the morning of my flight…

Some fresh herbs and the sea will be in order..a trip to the beach for some fresh seafood recipes..will also be doing some new meatless recipes..don’t forget to Cook With Maria and upload your cooking videos and stay tuned for posts form the country home in Italy

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