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I Eat ….Therefore….I Am

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Oodles of years ago when studying French literature I discovered the European existentialists and the philosophy behind Existentialism..however in Italy I feel like I am experiencing a gastro-existentialism..and  I bet the fathers of Existentialism never imagined..

Italians derive their very being from food…a very world where your mother’s cooking is the center of your universe and every day revolves around it…traveling becomes a chore because Italians must experience this same superior style of cooking no matter where they go.. places around the world are rated not always by quality of service but whether or not they can find meals  that they are accustomed to..particularly home cooked ones..sometimes they bring their own food or ingredients with them( I for one am guilty of this)..not being able to stay away from one of their main loves in life.. Artisan  FOOD

Life’s memories are mostly based around food memories..or certain foods have something to do with any memory. An Italians very’ being is  closely related to food and it is sometimes not so well understood by a non-Italians… .your morning must begin with a great breakfast..not a feast mind you….but something great (Italian breakfasts are usually small) so if you only have fruit and yogurt be sure it is a fruit that is local and fresh with an artisan yogurt..or cappuccino and cornetti (my preference) should be from a coffee bar that makes their own cornetti (an Italian croissant) and uses a good brand of coffee and has a good espresso maker in sight…

Stay tuned for some gastro-existentialistic food experiences and recipes..

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