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Sardinia: Italy’s Favorite Island Getaway

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Sardinia is a large island located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and the second largest island belonging to Italy after Sicily. There are statues on the island dating back to 1500 BC, making Sardinian culture even older than traditional Italian culture, and this history and sense of tradition still remains to this day.

The landscape of Sardinia is largely rocky, even mountainous, and although there are a few beaches, these are concentrated mainly in the north-east of the island. This makes it more of a destination for hikers and adventure seekers than for people seeking a simple lay in the sun. Sailing, cave exploration and mountain climbing are all popular activities here, so pack appropriate footwear.

There are a number of options available for travelling around Sardinia; buses are frequent and travel to all towns and there is even a small rail network connecting the cities. There are cruises that circle the island, if you wish to see it from the sea, but the option that gives you the most flexibility is to rent a car for your stay. You can hire a car for your journey at

The weather in Sardinia is changeable. While during the summer it will often be very hot, so be sure to bring sunscreen and cover up during the middle of the day, in late summer there can be heavy rainstorms and at high elevations it can get quite rough. During winter snow will fall on the mountaintops and

Sardinian cuisine has much older roots than the culture of the mainland, and as a result of the rocky landscape and surrounding coast, there is less focus on dairy products and more on things like seafood and strong tasting vegetables and bread. Roast suckling pig is a speciality, and ‘culugiones’ are a kind of ravioli made with traditional Sardinian pasta and stuffed with all kinds of ingredients.

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