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Plums in Syrup..

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fresh plums being weighedSusine Sciroppate (Plums in Syrup)

4 pounds of fresh plums

1 .5 quarts  of mineral water

4 cups sugar

1/4 cup amaretto liqueur

Boil water and sugar together,place in amaretto. Boil together till the liquid resembles a thicker syrup. Remove from heat and let cool.

While cooling, cut plums in half and remove pits. Place plum halves in jars, pour syrup on top of plums. Be sure that jars can be hermetically sealed for preserving. Seal jars tightly and place in  a large pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Leave jars in water and let water cool. When cooled, remove jars one by one and place each one upside down on a wooden board or sturdy surface. Leave upside down for 2 days. After 2 days you can place right side up. Store in a cool room for a winter full of summer’s memories

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