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Do You Speak the Language of Food ?

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bouquet mint

I am always amazed at how some are’ simpatico’ with my sentiments about flavors and aromas and others just don’t get it. When I bring my bags of produce home from the farm, one bag is always separate and contains a handful of  fresh mint, basil, parsley, rosemary..before I can get through the door my better half grabs the bags of ‘odore’ from me and practically sticks his head in to get a whiffl..ahh basilico, rosmarino,menta..he exclaims..and I can’t help but repeat the same thing!

We speak the language of food..when I have an urgent rush to get to  the bakery to pick up these particular DOC ciambella that come from the town of Sora it is understood..

I speak a few languages but the one language that always brings me closer to someone is the language of ‘food’!

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